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Hi, I'm Darcy.

In 2005, I obtained my insurance licenses and hit the pavement looking for a job in an insurance agency. The second door I walked into was a Farmers Insurance Agency that hired me on the spot. I have worked my way from an entry-level CSR position to Agency Owner. Along the way, I have learned and developed many tools that make agency life a breeze.

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Jessica C.

Starting out in an agency with no insurance experience was so hard! Darcy's support with providing the key words in explaining policies and quotes to clients was a game changer for me.

Tara H.

Darcy developed systems that helped make the FFR process more natural for the cross-sell pivot. Making small tweaks to my current systems was all I needed to find more success!

Alicia V.

My main focus was selling commercial insurance and through our weekly meetings, Darcy kept me on track. She was able to provide feedback and information that would have taken years to learn on my own.

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22 Winter Street, Reno, NV 89503

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